Management Team

Tapan Ghosh,

As co-founder of I.C.E. Wire Line Equipment Inc. Tapan Ghosh oversees every facet of the running of the firm. In addition to coordinating sales and production, he is also responsible for the costing and finances of the firm.

He obtained his B. Comm from Calcutta university India, and C.M.A. from England and Canada. He has over forty years experience working in middle and senior management positions in firms in India, England and Canada. More than two decades of his time was spent as head of finance and office administration in the outgoing I.C.E. Group. Over the years, his experiences in management in diverse corporate environments has allowed him to cultivate excellent managerial skills, which he continually puts to use in the running of the newly established firm. His longstanding experiences and skills have furthered his familiarity and competency in engaging both with provincial and national financial institutions, as well as large banking institutions.

Alex Vassilounis,
Vice President

As co-founder of the new firm, Alex Vassilounis is primarily involved in coordinating and overseeing engineering, purchasing, scheduling and manufacturing. One of his most important responsibilities is to coordinate the purchasing of all materials and parts to ensure that the plant operates without, obstacle or interruption, in the production and the completion of the client’s required machinery according to the agreed upon product delivery deadlines.

Alex Vassilounis’ early training included mechanical engineering training in Greece and in Canada. He studied Mechanical Engineering at Concordia University. Previously he worked for the I.C.E. Group from 1979 to 2006 as plant manager, and eventually as Vice President, Engineering.